Welcome to Chris Johnson Reptiles!

I have been keeping and breeding reptiles for over ten years.  All the available animals found on here are captive-bred by me.  I aim for the highest quality and only sell animals that are well-established.

I keep many different species ranging from Panther Chameleons to Green Tree Pythons; Crested Geckos to Fijian Iguanas.  All of which I strive to keep to the highest standards.  My animals are not kept for viability or profitability as a priority. Instead I choose to concentrate on the species I always dreamed of keeping and working with.

My C.V. includes contributions to David Attenborough’s recent series Life in Cold Blood and other television productions.  If, like me, you find reptiles endlessly fascinating please continue to view.

Thankyou for your time
Chris Johnson

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(28/3/2016) Royal Python Morphs added to Availability Page
(26/3/2016) Animal Collection Update
(18/3/2016) Website back online!